Modern American Dining

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Ag town fresh fused with
metropolitan chic.

We fuse the farm-to-table and the fine cuisine cultures to create elegantly hand crafted dishes that highlight the rich produce within our community.


Unlike most restaurants, Craft Italian-American Fusion is committed to using Brookings' freshest, homegrown ingredients to execute elegantly handcrafted dishes. Our passion is to ensure our guests have a culinary experience that is as fresh and authentic as the ingredients used each day.


Brookings produces more than just rich culture and agriculture. Being owned and operated by SDSU Alumni, we are introducing an environment that proudly produces it's own food while also boasting the immense wealth of homegrown talent and craftsmanship.

From the kitchen to the dining room and even the bar, we insist on taking the staples of Italian & American cuisine and infusing them with our own unique twist.  While Craft focuses on the intermingling of Italian and American dishes, we encourage our staff to constantly push beyond the culinary norms.  Pulling inspiration from cultures around the world, our staff transforms ordinary dishes into a dinning experience that spans the entire world.

True to our Midwest origins, Craft places a high importance on taking care of each of our valued guests.  Our friendliness and propensity for turning first timers into an extension of our family is a stereotype that we, as Midwesterners take great pride in.  As they dine in a rustic yet modern setting that, rivals the chic lounges of a big city, our guests will interact with our friendly staff as they see our philosophy at work; hand crafted food and an array of spirits, fused with expert service make it evident that we are the premier fine dinning establishment in Brookings, SD.



Mon-Sat 11a-10p
Sun 10a-9p

Happy Hour

Daily 2:30-5:30
$3 Pint Draft Beer
Top Shelf 2fers


Tuesdays 4:00-Close
Buy One - Get One 1/2


Wednesdays 3:00-Close
Half Priced Bar Drinks


Sunday 10:00a-2:00p


(605) 692-2555


610 Medary Ave
Brookings, SD 57006