About Us

Brand Story:

Too often, restaurants and their staff fall into the trap of becoming order takers.  They take for granted the connection with their guests and the power in telling them their story.  Craft Italian-American Fusion is more than your average restaurant.  

Owned and operated by a fresh, energetic and youthful couple, we are storytellers.  We hold immense value over the ability for our guests to both taste and hear the philosophy and passion behind our brand.  During your dining experience you will be able to hear the origins of the restaurant, the process in which we make your dish, as well as finite details like the name of the producer from which your fruits or vegetables came from.  

If that’s not enough to sell you on our story, just wait until you take your first bite.  You’ll instantly taste the culture of passion, innovation and enthusiasm that our kitchen lives and breathes everyday.  An Executive Chef leads an experienced team of chefs that are constantly innovating and infusing their various experiences and influences into every dish we create.  

While it’s important for any successful restaurant to have quality food, we believe in striving for more.  At the root of our philosophy is a strong relationship with other local producers and small businesses.  We’re committed to providing only the freshest of local ingredients.  To some, it may seem like a hassle but to us it’s extremely helpful in providing our guests with an ever-changing array of the freshest produce during their peak seasons.  

As proud we are of serving homegrown produce, homemade breads and fresh baked desserts, we’re equally as proud that we’re owned and operated by a very local group of individuals.  Our group of managers and owners has deep ties to the area, which only helps to motivate us to elevate the dining standards of Brookings.